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By Vanessa Marie Diaz, Brite & Bubbly
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DeMet’s FLIPZ®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey All!

Holiday-Movie-Night-Popcorn-Mix-ScoopI don’t know about you, but we’re having lots more family movie nights now that the holidays are here. We love to sit down and watch our favorite holiday movies every night until Christmas. It’s a family tradition and I love holiday movies with a passion. A Christmas Carol is my favorite, so when it comes time to watch it, I make sure that movie night is extra special. I like to take the movie night up a notch by eating our favorite holiday movie night popcorn mix. It’s really simple to make and it’s made with FLIPZ® Chocolate Covered Pretzels mixed into it. Sounds delicious right? Our movie nights are better with FLIPZ® and it’s my snack of choice to mix into my popcorn mix. Who doesn’t love the tasty goodness of chocolate covered pretzels? I know I do! When ever I get them, I get excited for what I will mix them with.

I can never get bored of the unique taste of FLIPZ® Chocolate Covered Pretzels – the perfect combination of salty and sweet that keeps you going back for another handful.

It’s always great for us to have a unique holiday snack mix that has FLIPZ® mixed in it. We’ll munch on it all night long, while we watch our holiday movies. Enjoying our favorite treat as we watch the movies always makes the night a little more perfect.

There is nothing like enjoying a fun holiday movie night with your family and making your favorite movie watching treats together. Ours is super simple to make, which I think is why we enjoy it so much. It also tastes amazing!

You just pop up some popcorn, while it’s still warm, you mix in some marshmallows and holiday themed sprinkles…

Then you add a mix of Milk Chocolate and White Fudge FLIPZ® to the mix.

I like to add more holiday sprinkles after that. You can never have enough sprinkles in my opinion! The marshmallows melt slightly because of the warm popcorn.

You put the mix into a bowl to enjoy and munch the night away as you watch you’re favorite holiday movie with your family. It’s really the perfect festive snack to eat as you watch holiday movies. It really makes the night all the more filled with holiday fun!

It’s one tasty and fun holiday movie night popcorn mix to make. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Also if you decide to make this mix and want to make it even more festive, try to snag yourself some FLIPZ® limited edition snowflake pretzels, which are available exclusively for the holiday season. You can add those to the mix instead of the regular FLIPZ® for a bonus holiday themed touch.